Wrapped AFI

wAFI Contract Address: 0x7039Eb99215B345588B94BC8830E186C457a8fB3

In order to open possibilities for AFI to be traded freely without being taxed and be added into the liquidity pool to yield farm without affecting its reflective tokenomics, the AQUA Finance team will be providing a wrap contract portal where users can swap AFI for wAFI.

wAFI is short for Wrapped AFI which is a standard BEP-20 token that will be minted only when AFI is sent to the wrapping smart contract. The number of wAFI will be equal to the number of AFI locked up in the wrapping smart contract.

wAFI’s main use case will be to be put into Pancakeswap Liquidity Pool for yield farming inside Ocean World and will be the main reward token from Aquarium Land which can then either be sold into the open market or be unwrap back to AFI.

Please be aware that by wrapping AND unwrapping AFI, holders are still subjected to 10% reflective tax based on AFI tokenomics, therefore please plan carefully before wrapping or unwrapping AFI.

Holders can wrap their AFI through this link : https://wrap.aquafinance.live

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