AFI Tokenomics

Name : AFI

Symbol : AFI

Contract : 0x30dfdefe4b5c2ef1bcb82fd1d6e62f9a8580a05a

Networks : Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Total Supply : 200,000,000 AFI Tokens

Max transaction: 400,000 AFI

Buy: PancakeSwap

AFI is a reflective token with all of the total supply circulating in Pancakeswap AMM. AFI is the pinnacle token that runs everything in the Aqua Finance ecosystem, ranging from holding to use discounts and privileges from Aqua Finance’s physical partner stores (now available only in Thailand - See Business Partner section), wrapped into wAFI to yield farm inside Ocean World, and use as payment for playing the games in Aquarium Land Play-to-Earn platforms. Due to being a reflective token, all transactions (Buy/Sell/Transfer) are taxed 10% that will be going towards :

  • 2% to marketing & team - team payroll / payback for business partners / marketing

  • 3% to all holders - passive income for holders divided according to proportion of holding

  • 5% added to Liquidity Pool - to ensure that there is always liquidity

To illustrate, when you swap from one token to 100 AFI, you will receive 90 AFI. That other 10 AFI will be allocated to Liquidity pool (5%), to AFI holders (3%) and to dev team (2%). Same thing happens when you swap AFI for another token or transfer AFI to another wallet.

Deep down, the AQUA team concerns a lot about our believers. We have created the Anti-Whale system. As there are many fishes in the ocean.We protect the benefit of all AQUA community by set up PURCHASE LIMIT to be no more than 0.2% of the total AQUA in the ocean (currently, no more than 400,000 AFI)

LPs are locked in another contract, therefore the AQUA Team cannot conduct any transactions and modify any codes to the Liquidity Pool for AFI/BNB.

NO MORE MINT! Scientifically, we cannot grow mint under the ocean. Our AQUA team also can’t make that happen. There will also be NO BURN as we plan to implement this project long term, sending AFI to burn account will create an never ending cycle of burns due to being a reflective token.

To recap, AFI use cases are the following:

  1. Hold AFI for redemption platform (AQUA Privilege dApp)

  2. Wrap AFI to yield farm in Ocean World (AQUA Farm & Pool)

  3. Use AFI to play Aquarium Land (AQUA mini games)

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