Aqua Finance
AQUA Roadmap
Phase 0: AFI Launch
    Launch AFI token
    Create social channels: Telegram/Twitter/Medium/Reddit/Facebook Page/Instagram/Discord
    List on PancakeSwap
    Donate for charity
    Airdrop for AFI holders (Get AFI, GOONG)
Phase 1: Utility Token & Redemption Platform
    Develop the Redemption Platform
    Deal with business partners (at least 4 businesses for pilot test)
    Introduce “AQUA Privilege dApp”
    Collect feedback and debug (for pilot test)
    Launch marketing news
    Deal with more business partners
Phase 2: Aquarium Land & Ocean World
    Launch “Aquarium Land” or AQUA mini games
    Develop game system & reward system
    Airdrop for AFI holders (Get CEA)
    Launch “Ocean World” or AQUA farm
    Launch “Aqua Coupon”
    Donate for charity
    Approach to an audit
    Listing on Coingecko
Phase 3: AFI & CEA
    Develop AFI & CEA ecosystem
    Approach to an audit
    Deal with large corporate to achieve real use case for AFI utility token
    Listing on Coinmarketcap
    Develop gaming platform
    Upgrade the redemption platform
    Introduce “New Hidden Project”
    Donate for charity
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