Flappy Seal (launching 10 September, 2021)

Flappy Seal (launching 10 September, 2021)

Game type : Platform runner

Points reward : 1 AFI per points received

Max games per day : 30 games

Max points per game : 100 points

Objective : Seal needs to venture through a venomous seaweed valley to get to Atlantis kingdom, help navigate seal to avoid the venomous seaweed and get to Atlantis safely!

Control : Tap once to start the game. Once the game starts, due to gravity, Seal will fall down to the sand. Tap on the screen to tell Seal to swim upward to avoid hitting the floor and make sure you use these tap commands to help Seal navigate through the venomous seaweed and use items along the way to help make the journey easier. Game ends when Seal’s body touches the ground, goes up too high above the water level, or touches the venomous seaweed.

Items in game : Items in Flappy Seal are power-ups that are single uses. In each game, Seal will have 3 item slots that the player can equip from the list of items available. Each item is designed to help Seal navigate through obstacles easier. Each item has a one time use limit per game and will be used once equipped. Therefore, even if the game ends before you use the item, the item will still be considered used.

The list of items available are :

  • Shield - give temporary shield that will protect Seal from death once

  • Slow time - give temporary slow time allowing for Seal to navigate cautiously

  • Teleport - moves Seal 3 seaweed blocks ahead and reposition, use when in emergency

  • Pillar - Destroy 3 pillars in front of seal, making ways for easier navigation

  • Minisize - temporary makes Seal smaller, allowing for Seal to avoid easier

  • God mode - temporary puts Seal in auto-pilot mode and invulnerable to everything

  • Extra Life [Unique] - allows Seal to die once and continue the journey on

  • X2 Multiplier [Unique] - Gives 2 points for each point received

*Unique items will be given its own slot, not needing to be put into one of the three slots available when starting the game. It will be auto-used once equipped.

To obtain the items in game, there will be CEA gacha treasure chests where players will have to pay CEA to buy. This CEA treasure chest will provide you with a randomized chance of getting different types of items. There will also be AFI gacha treasure chests which will provide a better chance of getting items with higher rarity as well.

Accessories in game : Character Skins

In this game, the accessories that will be permanent are character skins. There are currently 9 characters available that can be obtained by using CEA to buy or test your luck with CEA gacha character boxes. Each character will have a unique item set on its own and not one character will have the same item set. There are some characters that have better item sets available to equip therefore it is up to the players to figure out which item set combination works best at which scenario in the game. Some characters are gacha-exclusive or partner token exclusive which cannot be obtained by using CEA to buy.

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