Aquarium Land - AQUA Play-to-Earn Mini Games

Ever feel bored having to grind exp for your characters in other blockchain play-to-earn games? We all have that feeling sometimes where we just want games that are quick and on-the-go type where you can just spend 30 minutes of your time each day to play-and-earn while you’re out living your life. That’s why the Aqua team decided to take another approach on the play-to-earn games and develop short mini games portals that you can play at any where, any time while earning something as well --- introducing Aquarium Land.

Aquarium Land is a portal of casual games operating off-chain that will allow users to play on both mobile and PC through internet browsers (preferably Google Chrome). The casual games will require one entry fee of 10,000 AFI which will allow you to play the games 10,000 times (in other words, 1 game costs 1 AFI). Each game will reward you with AFI for each point you gain from the game, allowing you to gain rewards very quickly as you progress with the game.

Here are the list of games available right now in Aquarium Land:

  1. Flappy Seal (launching 10 September, 2021)

  2. Game 2 (launching Q4/2021)

  3. Game 3 (launching Q1/2022)

  4. Game 4 (launching Q2/2022)

Each game is designed to have a quick game play time, meaning that each game session will be approximately 1-2 minutes while we also plan to have more complex games that can take up to 5 minutes max per session.

Each game will have a max limit of times you can play per day which will vary depending on how complex the games are. These max limits are set to ensure that players can enjoy the game continuously without feeling burnt out on the games too quickly.

Every game will have its own leaderboard where players will have to compete with each other to obtain the highest score for every tournament season.

Tournament seasons (starting Q4/2021) will take place every 10 days where the top 10 players will receive NFT rewards that will act as trophies for winning the top positions in the game. To have a fair distribution of NFT rewards, each wallet account will have a limit of 3 NFTs receivable from tournaments. Players can open up new accounts with a new wallet if they so choose to compete in the tournament to achieve the top 10 ranks again.

Each NFT will have points reward based on the rarity of the NFT and if the player carries the NFTs to the certain amount of points, they will receive some type of buffs in every game inside the Aquarium Land. For more information, please see the NFTs Reward System section.

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