AQUA Coupon

AQUA coupon is a marketplace for crypto users. As cryptocurrency are mostly used in blockchains, there are very limited ways that they can be cash out into real world usages. We aim to eliminate this problem by connecting between blockchain users and physical stores through usage of AQUA coupon. The AQUA team will be connecting with our business partners in delivering their products and services into blockchain technology by using AQUA coupon as a medium of payment.

Users can choose to use any of the three stablecoins that have been listed in Thailand’s centralized exchanges consisting of USDT / BUSD / USDC. The purpose of using only these three stablecoins as because there are law restrictions that permit the usage of only centralized exchange listed coins as a medium of transaction. To minimize any potential gains/loss from the value of the token, we choose to accept only stablecoins.

Users can then choose what type of services or what products they want and AQUA Finance will automatically deliver the stablecoins to our business partners to fulfill the order.

AQUA coupon is available only in Thailand and to be launched on July 31, 2021.

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