Play-to-Earn Reward system

Each game inside Aquarium Land is designed to be fast paced games that will give rewards based on the points obtained in the game. The rewards given are in forms of AFI where users can collect AFIs from playing the games

Users can withdraw the rewards from the game when they have collected up to AT LEAST 3,000 AFIs. Anything less than 3,000 AFI then the users cannot claim the AFI from the portal.

To minimize any potential calculation problems, we will allow players to withdraw one static number per day - 3,000 AFI. This is to ensure that there will be no loopholes in withdrawing more than what was sent to the server.

Thus, resulting each account will also be able to withdraw only ONCE PER DAY, 3,000 AFI per transaction.

Although the minimum withdrawal is 3,000 AFI, each account can choose to collect up to 5,000 AFI inside their off-chain account, any AFI collected more than that will not be stored. However, they will still be able to only withdraw 3,000 AFI per day.

Please be aware that rewards withdrawn from the off-chain servers are subjected to 10% tax due to AFI tokenomics. Therefore when you withdraw 3,000 AFI from the server, you will only receive 2,700 AFI in your wallet.

The question remains is how did Aqua Finance team manage to give AFI rewards so much while AFI is already at max supply? The answer lies in tokenomics.

AFI tokenomics indicates that for every transaction that happens inside AFI/BNB LP, every transaction will be subjected to 10% reflective tax (5% going to LP / 3% going to AFI wallet holder / 2% going to marketing wallet). We’re utilising the 3% reflective tax to AFI wallet holders as a way to garner more AFI to be put into the reward pool. Therefore, the more AFI the reward pool has, the higher AFI the reward pool gets from each transaction.

There are multiple ways that the Aqua team implements to make sure that there is enough AFI in the reward pool to get the maximum amount of AFI from each transaction which are but not limited to:

  1. 10,000 AFI game entrance fee (paid once by each account)

  2. AFI in-game item and accessories gacha chest (paid multiple times)

  3. AFI injection from marketing wallet

Once the reward pool has sufficient amount of AFI to start with, each reflective transaction will increase the number of AFI inside the reward pool, thus making the AFI circulating without needing to mint new AFI tokens to reward players.

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