Ocean World - AQUA Farm

Website : https://farm.aquafinance.live

Ocean World, bound to be discovered in July 2021, will be the yield farming portal where we will introduce another token “CEA token”. (For more information, please see CEA Tokenomics)

It’s time to harvest CEA! This will not happen on the ground, but in the deep sea. The total liquidity pool reward is 78% of total CEA supply or a total of 390,000,000 CEA available as reward.

To jumpstart the pool, we will be providing the initial pool with 0.5% of total supply which equals to 2,500,000 CEA. We will also be providing 0.5% of total supply to be distributed exclusively through airdrop for AFI holders. For more information about the airdrop, please see the Airdrop section.

The total supply will be available for yield farming for 3 years from the genesis.

There will be 9 genesis farms and pools as follow:

Deposit fee will be used for buyback and burn.

*Notice : for AFI holders, make sure to wrap your AFI first to change it to wAFI. The AFIs used for wrapping are subject to 10% tax due to AFI tokenomics. Unwrapping wAFI to AFI will also be subject to 10% tax as well. Please plan carefully before proceeding with the wrapping process.

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