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NFTs Reward System
NFTs Reward System (Starting Q4/2021)
We all know that the main purpose of NFT gaming on blockchain is the potential growth of the NFT marketplace where people buy and sell NFTs to gain some type of benefit in-game. Due to the fact that the majority of Aquarium Land games are casual mini games that are all off-chain, it will be difficult to integrate NFTs use case on-chain because it would not be feasible to pay for gas fees every time a player has to play a game.
Therefore, we have developed a solution to this by allowing players to stake NFTs inside the Aquarium Land system and gain some type of benefit in-game instead. Each NFTs will have points associated with it depending on the rarity of the NFTs. The points and rarity of each NFT and how to get the NFTs will be as follow:
Legendary NFT : 10 points (given through events only)
Epic NFT : 5 points (1st place in each tournament season)
Rare NFT : 3 points (2nd-3rd place in each tournament season)
Uncommon NFT : 2 points (4th-6th place in each tournament season)
Common NFT : 1 point (7th-10th place in each tournament season)
By having points associated with each NFTs, players can stake the NFT inside the Aquarium Land system to gain NFT points. These NFT points can be compiled up to a certain amount to unlock some type of benefits in the game such as unlimited item usage. These NFT points will be used throughout the whole Aquarium Land therefore it is not limited to one game but will affect every single game. The more NFT points you have, the more benefits you will get in every game inside Aquarium Land in the future as well.
In each game, there will be a NFT reward point section that provides information on how many NFT points required to unlock some type of benefits in game.
Aqua Finance NFTs will be minted and registered into Treasureland database, therefore users can use Treasureland as the main marketplace to buy and sell Aqua Finance NFTs.
AQUA Finance NFTs will have a hard cap at 20,500 tokens, meaning that once the number of token mints hits the hard cap at 20,500 NFTs, there will be no more NFTs minted.
NFT Hard Cap Amount
Legendary NFT : 500 tokens (#1-500)
Epic NFT : 2,000 tokens (#501-2500)
Rare NFT : 4,000 tokens (#2501-6500)
Uncommon NFT : 6,000 tokens (#6501-12500)
Common NFT : 8,000 tokens (#12501-20500)
The number will be generated at a random sequence.
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