AQUA Finance

Aqua Finance is not only for investors but for everyone. AQUA team aims to create utility tokens which allows holders to get discounts and privileges while at the same time having fun and making profits in Play-to-Earn model games in Aquarium Land. In other words, AFI holders can hold an amount of token to get an AQUA membership card permanently and use it in daily life while also earning profits passively through reflective tokenomics. The AQUA team will continuously deal with physical businesses to offer co-promotion, starting in Thailand where our headquarters are. Some of the marketing expenses collected will be used to pay back the redemption fees to our partners. Furthermore, the AQUA team has developed a dApp which connects directly to your wallet called “AQUA Privilege” for holders and partners to check and claim the benefits. The more AFI the holder has, the more advantages they will get.

In addition, due to the token being a reflective token, each transaction (buying / selling / transferring / wrapping) is subjected to 10% tax. Whenever any AFI transaction occurs, all AFI holders will receive free AFI (from 3% transaction fee) continuously. This means you can just hold AFI in your wallet and you will get more AFI in every transaction. Currently AFI can be used in 3 different ways.

  1. Hold AFI for redemption platform (see AQUA Privilege section)

  2. Use AFI in Ocean World (see Ocean World section)

  3. Use AFI to play Aquarium Land (see Aquarium Land section)

Along with AFI, there will be a second token that will empower the Aqua Finance ecosystem greatly - CEA. One of our main projects is the Play-to-Earn games inside Aquarium Land which will consist of many casual games. These casual games are designed to be fast-pace and quick-on-the-spot games that you can play anywhere. Although it is possible to play without much needed help, there may be times when players wish there is a way to make the games easier- this is where CEA comes in. CEA will be the currency inside the Aqua Finance ecosystem where you can use CEA to purchase items and goods in the Aquarium Land. CEA will be available through becoming a liquidity provider and staking in Ocean World. Apart from buying items and goods in Aquarium Land, CEA is planned to be used to unlock temporary VIP tier for AFI privileges for non-AFI holders as well.

CEA is planned to be used in 2 different ways

  1. Aquarium Land items (See Aquarium Land)

  2. Temporary VIP Tier for AFI privileges for non-AFI holders

We are looking forward to many possibilities to create more use case for both AFI and CEA, but one thing that we always vision ourselves is to become the #1 privilege blockchain token that allows users to gain access to discounts and privileges worldwide.

Aqua Finance has been developing 4 projects as follow:

  1. AQUA Privilege dApp (Status: Launched)

  2. Ocean World - AQUA Farm (Status: Launched)

  3. Aquarium Land - AQUA Game (Status: Developing - opening in September)

  4. AQUA Coupon - AQUA Marketplace (Status: Launched)

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