AQUA Privilege dApp

Aqua Finance dApp will be a revolutionary platform that combines blockchains with real world use cases. AFI holders will have access to the privileges in our partner stores that we have business deals with. These privileges include but are not limited to discounts, special offers, upgrades and many more. For business partner details, see Business Partner section

The dApp will be connected directly to your Binance Smart Chain wallet address and will show the offers available based on how many AFIs you are holding.

We are currently in a beta testing period where the number of stores available will be limited, but we are committed to add at least 1 store every single week.

dApp Website:

For users, this will enable special deals that they don’t have to spend any effort in getting, just by holding AFI in their wallet, they will automatically get the privileges.

For business partners, the dApp will open up to a wide range of audience that are engaged in blockchains and cryptocurrencies which will also open up many opportunities for marketing and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Currently this feature is only available in Thailand

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